Accommodation for the ISERXIII Symposium has been reserved at a discounted rate in the Recanto Cataratas Resort and Convention Center a short walk from the Symposium venue. This discount applies for overnight accommodation for the duration of the Symposium (nights of 9th – 14th July 2023 inclusive), regardless of when the booking is made.

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Delegates must book their own accommodation.Click the button below which takes you to the Hotel website:

Book Accommodation


Additional nights can be booked, with a discount applying if the booking is made before 10th May. After this date, additional nights can be booked but the rate is higher.

The accommodation consists of 4* bedrooms of a “standard” level, all with an en suite bathroom. All rooms have the capacity for at least two people and contain at least two beds: a king double size and single bed. Delegates may upgrade their room by contacting the hotel independently.


Before 10th May 2023

For bookings between 7th – 17th July inclusive. This includes extra days at the same discount price.


Discount Rates

SINGLE – R$ 510,00 + 5% ISS*

DOUBLE – R$ 540,00 + 5% ISS*

TRIPLE – R$ 660,00 + 5% ISS*

*Charge R$ 3.40 Tourist Fee per person / night


After 10th May 2023

For bookings from 9th July – 15th July inclusive. Days outside these ranges will be charged at the standard hotel rate.


Standrad Rates **

SINGLE – R$ 904,00 + 5% ISS*

DOUBLE – R$ 924,00 + 5% ISS*

TRIPLE – R$ 1.202,00 + 5% ISS*

* Charge R$ 3.40 Tourist Fee per person / night

** As this is the high tourist season, standard rates may change at any time without prior notice


Any questions?

If you have any questions about accommodation, please contact Dr Guta Alonso, a member of the Local Organising Committee via the ISERXIII WhatsApp number +55 11 999 56 6088.